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Rectangular Ladle

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Features Specifications » Rectangular Ladle
High: 46cm
Width: 20cm
Raw Material: Wood
Col: Red / Black / Green / Blue

In China, ladle has been used for scooping water for thoudsands years. And the pictures we draw on the back of ladle come from ancient myths and history. These pictures are exquisite. They are all brushed by artists' hands.

We used these painted ladle taking evils, demons and all bad things away. Usually we hang these ladle inside the house.

It is a chinese traditional artificial crafts.

Every painter only can draw out 1-2 ladles perday. We pay our full attention on each order, no matter it is a big one or small one. As soon as we receiving the sampling order or goods order, we begin to produce the most beautiful crafts at the soonest.

If you are interested in it, please feel free to contact us. We have more than 50 kinds of patterns can be chosen.
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