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  • Item No : A1G-725
  • Payment Term : L/C, T/T, Negotiable
  • Min. Order : Negotiable
  • Unit Price : Contact Us
  • Email To Us :
  • Place of orgin : China
  • Transportation : Negotiable
  • Delivery Time : Negotiable
  • Contact Details :
Advertisement Tool Features Specifications :
Product Name Advertisement Tool Brand Singapore / China Country of Origin Singapore / China Specifications We are a professional modelmanufacturing company in singapore and chinaWe can construct the pictured model or any other kinds of models according to your technicaldrawings. Services provided forall industrial and professional fields. Advantages Contact : Mr Lim Wah Keuong888 0595-2011168888 0595-2012345888 0595-2010001 Export Markets Singapore / China
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