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Car Air Purifier

  • Item No : C1G-540
  • Payment Term : L/C, T/T, Negotiable
  • Min. Order : Negotiable
  • Unit Price : Contact Us
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  • Place of orgin : China
  • Transportation : Negotiable
  • Delivery Time : Negotiable
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Car Air Purifier Features Specifications :
Features: 1) Applies solar energy battery and green product definitely 2) ADA shows the most innovative and advanced technology the whole market 3) The revolutionary combination of Plasma and TiO2 is capable of oxidizing, decomposing and eliminating VOCs efficiently 4) Innovative negative ion generator works all the time and produces high density negative more than 3 million per second 5) Splendid, fashionable and original design 6) Successfully meets the damands of ever changing market 7) Different technologies combinations for you to choose from 8) Dimension (mm): 190 (L) x 135 (W) x 42(H)
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