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Features Specifications » Digital Video Recorder
Features: 1) MPEG-4 compression, low storage demand 2) Remote surveillance via network 3) Pan / tilt / zoom remote control via network 4) User-selectable settings for image rate, quality and resolution of every camera 5) Multi-level password protection 6) Perfect multiple alarm modes and log 7) Highly stable stand-alone DVR 8) Digital recording provides superior quality images 9) Remote controller and panel controller 10) Operation status record log 11) OSD user interface 12) Viewing with IE browser 13) PAL / NSTC video mode 14) Pre-alarm image recording 15) Time lapse and real-time recording 16) Programmed with various time-lapse speeds 17) Easy playback and forward / reverse search 18) Fast and slow forward / playback of recorded video in various peeds 19) Audio recording capability 20) Compact flash card or HDD storage 21) HDD bay extendable 22) VGA progressive scan, output high quality image 23) General network interface (selective) Specifications: 1) System: a) Multiple language system: Chinese (Simple) / Chinese (Traditional) / English b) 2-level password: protection user password, administrator password c) OSD user interface: yes 2) Video: a) Input: 4 input (BNC), 1.0Vpp / 75 ohms b) Output: 2 PAL / NTSC S-video output (BNC), 1.0Vpp / 75 ohms c) 1 VGA output d) Working 1 / 4Ch playback or (remote) real-time surveillance e) Compression format MPEG-4 VBR / MPEG-4 CBR f) Display single window or four windows per screen g) Specific area cover allowed 3) Image quality: a) 8-level adjustable b) Forward / Playback speed: x2, x4, x1/2, x1/4 c) Stream standard ISO14496 d) Video standard PAL 25fps 50field/s e) NTSC 30fps 60field/s 4) Video index: a) Image format CIF (352 x 288 pixels) b) Code speed 12.5K - 112.5Kbps c) Storage speed 45M - 405MB/hour d) Max. fps: 25fps/ch 5) Display: a) Resolution: playback 352 x 288 b) Surveillance: 704 x 576 c) VGA output: 720 x 576 6) Audio: a) Input 2 input (ch 1+ch 2, ch 3+ch 4), 600 ohms RCA b) Output: 1 output, 600 ohms RCA c) Working 1 audio playback, 1 audio surveillance d) Compression format: MP2 e) Recording mode: synchronous with video f) Output voltage: 1.0-2.2 V g) Code speed: 8Kbps h) Storage speed: 28.8MB/hour 7) Alarm: a) Motion detection b) Max. 192 detection areas in a single camera view, multi-sensitivity c) Input 4 individual switch input d) Output 4 individual relay switch output, 12VDC, 500MA e) Multi-mode f) Period configurable, auto-switch on / off, auto-reset after power-break, auto-alarm when missing signal input 8) Network interface: a) Serial interface RS485, can out-link to most kinds of Pan/Tilt oder b) RS232, general-purpose serial interface c) Network interface RJ-45 10M / 100M Ethernet connector d) Network transport protocol: TCP / IP, UDP / IP e) Network mode: dial-up / ADSL / ISDN / LAN / Intranet f) IE browser: yes 9) Others: a) Built-in HDD bay b) Max. 2 IDE HDD, FAT32 format, support single HDD over 200G c) Storage mode: individual / integral / combination d) Time clock: built-in clock, perpetual calendar e) Data R/W mode: full diplex f) Power supply: AC 110~380V, 50Hz g) Power: 15W (without HDD) h) Operating temperature: 0~50oC i) Humidity: ?80% j) Dimensions: 19inches 1U / 290(L) x 438(W) x 4.4(H)mm k) Weight: 5kg (without HDD)
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