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Awning Features Specifications :

European rectangle awning

1) Full cassette

This awning is a kind of scroll; The tarpaulin and the whole hand system provide a perfect protection, when the awning has been withdrawn, all the parts are taken into the encloser, and keep out the bad weather, gale, heavy snow and different kinds of dirt, keep the awning new for a long time. Appearance feature: There is no down side on the front eaves, and seems like an oval case when be withdrawn, the operation should be handled by tubular motor, and also could work by push the switch and electric controller remote control.

2) Half cassette

From the name we know, this type of awning is half open. There is wavy down side on the front eaves, and when the awning has been withdrawn, only the down side is out of the encloser. It not only reaches the aim of parts protection, but also raises the aesthetic feeling of the products.

3) Luxurious type

Tested by the export standard, the ability of anti-wind reaches 6-7 grade, and anti-water pressure is 1500. This type is open, and all the parts and scroll are all in the air, and there is rear tube, hands are connected tightly to the rear tube by the aluminum alloy connector. All the parts are connected one by one, the hands are thickening by excellent quality aluminum, the important parts are made by import materials, and it could work manual and electric. And the repair rate is zero.

4) Popular type

The ability of anti-wind is 4-6 grades, anti small and middle rain. The max length is 30m.

5) Butterfly type

The appearance is like a butterfly open its wings, protects your living space wholly, stably and beautiful. It could meet the needs of big sun protection place. The max length of two sides is 6m. Its appearance is beautiful.
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