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heating pad Features Specifications :
Product Name heating pad Brand sze tech Country of Origin DongGuang City, GuangDong Province, China Model ST001 Specifications Model Types :ST001-heating pad Standard Size 14 x 27 220V 50W 50HZ/110V 50W 60HZSTOO2-heating pad Medium Size 14 x 14 220V 50W 50HZ/110V 50W 60HZST003-heating pad Petite Size 4 x 17 220V 50W 50HZ/110V 50W 60HZControl Device:1.TYPE VR for Bio Moist Heating Pad2.TIMER Time with 4 stages can be set for different need Stage I : 15 minutes /per use Stage II : 30 minutes /per use Stage III : 45 minutes /per use Stage IV : 60 minutes /per use TEMPERATURE High about 75�C Medium about 65�C Normal about 55�C Low about 45�C AC:110&220V/50-60Hz Advantages Features : Bio Moist Heating Pad with high density heating elements is easy to be warmed up in a short period of time, more efficient in moisturizing than other makers. 100% cotton-made cover can help to keep more moisture from the air. Function:Bio Moist Heating Pad with special elements which enhancing application of Far Infrared, plus 100% cotton-made warm & moisture keeping cover, can effectively improve body circulation on medical care without causing dry itching allergy. ApplicationVaricose Vein, Arthritis, Rheumatic Diseases, painful periods, Neuralgia, low back pain. Export Markets USA CANADA
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