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Telephone Bill Calculator (JT01CCU)

  • Item No : T1G-71604
  • Payment Term : L/C, T/T, Negotiable
  • Min. Order : Negotiable
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  • Place of orgin : China
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Telephone Bill Calculator (JT01CCU) Features Specifications :
1. Product Overview:

The JT01CCU Telephone Bill Calculator is the new product in order to accommodate to the develop of the current telephone small shops, it is s innovative designed, looks beauty, used easily, and it is suitable to the telephone small shops.

2. Features and specification:

*Large LCD screen, intuitional and easy to use.

*Be designed according to the <> which was issued by the national department. The performance is conform to the national standard.

*Multiple rate types include: International, national, local call, special call, no charge call, forbid call and so on. Can satisfy different requirements.

*Can charge by the polarity change, delay to charge or manual charge. Can perform call in charge automatically.

*Automatically identify the dial number and timer error less than 1 second.

*Can query the recent 11000 bills include call number, duration and charge.

*Automatically add up the charge of all bills.

*Modem inside, support centralized management. Can download price and upload bills remotely.

*Excellent thunder resistance, excellent stabilization.

*Battery inside, can last work more than 96 hours without outside power.

3. Condition & Technology standard:


Environment: Avoid rain, dust, direct sun shine

Temperature: -20º C~+40º C

Relative Humidity: 10%-95%

Technology Standard

2)Timing Precision:

Timing Precision: Reversed Polarity Signal timing precision < 1 second.

Double Audio receive code>>99.99%


Interface noise level (idle)?60 dB (A)
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