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Description Solar energy backpack absorbs solar energy through solar energy panel and then turns solar energy into electric energy ,which will be stored in storage battery .It can charge different specification mobile phones through corresponding connectors.Solar backpack is suitable to be used in the emergency situation when there is no electricity outdoors .If there is no sunshine for a long time ,or changes full power battery for cell phone and moving charger is available.This product is easy to operate ,safe to use ,convenient to take and fashionable. Solar backpack is an ideal product for living and traveling. Function: 1?gives each kind of brand handset (Nokia, Tristar, rope love, Simens, Motorola)charge or the power supply. 2?gives the digital equipment charge. For example: Digital camera, PDA, MP3, IPOD and so on. 3?may give in theoptional palm the mechanical games charge. For example: PSP, NDS, GBA and so on.
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